Valley of Desire

west 8



Rome -the eternal city- beauty for centuries glorified by poets, splendor captured by the masters, might celebrated by epics. The name alone evokes a strong emotion, brings out an unmistakable image, lures by its mystique. The city is a unique anthology of architectural styles, repository of historic evidence, and representation of the will of its illustrious men.
 All roads lead to Rome, bringing streams of people in search of spiritual revival, intellectual pleasures and gastronomic delights. Generous in its hospitality, Rome welcomes visitors, nurtures their expectations, and answers their demands.
 Artfully, the image of the city is reinforced as a place of romance and high culture, window to the european history, pinnacle of civilization, testimony to its powerful past.
Its rich heritage fuels the unquestionable cliché. The urban experience of rome as we discovered it reaffirms one’s awe of the city, yet one is confined to a small area of congested centre which pumps visitors through its veins like an overexerted body with an ageing heart. Its beauty, its ultimate richness leaves one exhausted, breathless and depressed.
Visitors are kept hostage by the centre, surrounded by faceless periphery, and longing for a relief from stifling heat and endless crowds. Our project is an antidote to the suffocating experience of rome, cure for its failing heart, remedy for its spirit. a destination for all romans, italians and the world. A refuge for a tired resident, a respite for a weary tourist, a different kind of journey. This will be a place of multiple delightful experiences along the aniene. We call it Valley of desire. This will be space inspired by the living roman poets, defined by their metaphors shaped by their words and sensibilities and molded into designs. Building on rich italian tradition, we will create a series of new experiences, a modern equivalent of the Villa d’Este, giardini di Bomarzo, and Villa Dante. Aniene river valley will be transformed. It will offer a second destination in the region of rome, diverse, exiting and provocative like the city, but filled with surprises of a different kind. This will be a magic place offering multiple physical and emotional experiences from deep relaxation to emotional catharsis, bellowing laughter to poetic enlightenment.
Evocative and seductive there will be multiple new environment, which will awake the senses and engage the body, their cumulative impact far greater then individual experiences. To breathe in fresh air, to feel the power of the body, to gain joy in the movement and feel the brushing of wind, to experience the valley in all its variety, we will offer special vehicles-wooden bicycles and vespas. These will be available at multiple points along the journey. Guided by the sound of the water, inspired by the light reflected and amazed by the new links between the different moments, one will travel through valley discovering the spaces and shedding the inhibitions of the city. Imagine entering the valley of desires, surrendering to the power of nature, succumbing to the delight of the senses.
For all the moods, the metaphors, the emotions associated with rome there will be a space in the valley, an experience crystallized, amplified, and unforgettable. 

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