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Rome, unique city in the world, immersed in history and suspended between mystery, ambiguity and mysticism, it generates in its natural development empty spaces that people use arbitrarily and without any prearranged scheme with the sole aim of “putting life on stage”.
Spontaneous markets, meeting places, promiscuity, slums, ….. occur in parallel with the development of the city and the buildings, a victim of the losing logic of the market and of business.
The intent is to bring out this spontaneous process emphasizing the transversality characteristic respect to the urban and social forecasts.
The random nature of these processes and at the same time the sublime strength that characterizes them requires a moment of reflection and careful listening.
PARACITY is an idea generated particularly from this never detected city, where “parasitic socailization” phenomena rise, that, out of common places, display on its inside.
A sort of alternative map that sees the geometry of Nolli overlapping scenic graphics of the Piranesi where nature, architecture, memory and humanity display in a unique place.
PARACITY was imagined as a habitat system (programmatically neutral) able to individualize places and proliferate its positioning among the complex and various geometric and cultural constructions of the contemporary city.
An architectural image for a nomadic generation, where the pleasure and work coincide in nebulae areas determined by technological and cultural currents that move constantly in search of spaces.
We want to see the city with eyes free from the kaleidoscope filter of urban regulations, and collect those “fragments” of reality that the illusion of the “Eternal City” has blurred.
There is then an illegal city (underground city), a circuit city (racing city), a city of sex (Sex City), a city of exchange and barter, a city of waste ..
These realities are now an unstoppable term of extension of “private” space with its burden of individuality at the expense of the “public”, by now distant from the needs of the contemporaneity. The result is the emersion of multiple convulsions of the ego and the decline of the great fresco of the traditional community.
PARACITY is not a place, but it needs a place, an area whose boundaries are incomplete but clear, a place where new standards are born, where the basic disagreements are cancelled.
PARACITY is a sign, the only sign that delimitates the eternal city, long been contaminated.
A new infrastructural order that surrounds a sacred territory, structure, symptoms and causes as well as negative results of the communitary body… It’s a territory to attack, conquer.
The new emblem unites us, joins our lives, delimits a territory constantly breaking between Community and Individuality .. It’s on its inside that the city “verifies”, it “appears” without exceeding the sacred limits.
PARACITY is a visible device by an observer who sails with new resources and perceives the city from above .. it’s an individual who is lost in the big city to then find it again embracing from above its lost dimension.
It’s around these symbolic elements that the city develops its potential for growth beyond the rules of town planning.
The project – mechanism based on strong semantic power of this new system of “Urban Obelisks”, historical memory of the eternal city, and imagine a new city rebuilt by the man around these new centers of attraction.
Paracity is communicating beyond the current systems of communication as they change partners .. new system to transmit survival signals and not with too much imagination .. the possible transformation of these gathering points in a future alternative system of urban travel …
Star map: is the orientation for excellence
Mandala: “circle or cycle” symbolic universal design present in all cultures, including Christianity, represents the process by which the cosmos was formed from its center, also pursuing the creative purpose to give shape and expression to something that still does not exist , to something new and unique.
Crop Circle: the crop circles, signs of superior intelligence than certainly isn’t extraterrestrial with a very strong media and symbolic power.

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