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It ‘s easier to plan the cities of the future than those of the past. Rome is a city interrupted because it has ceased to imagine and has started to design it (bad). [G.C. Argan, Roma Interrotta]

Uneternalcity is a project dedicated to the city of Rome. Thirty years after the exhibition “Rome aborted” (1978), twelve Italian and international design firms develop new visions of the city. As it was in 1978, Rome is a city still unable to give shape to the imagination, where the new Master Plan identifies still break, disconnection due to a growth almost completely independent and uncoordinated manner around a strong central identity.

The exhibition will then test new tools for the transformation of the contemporary city, seeking a different town planning which does not start from an abstract planning table, capable of feeding an urban life and energy in the same urbanity. The projects work mainly in remote areas, space is not well-defined spatial contours between city and countryside, far from the historic center, known forever. Territories without form, Middle-earth places where squatters alternate with empty neighborhoods and cities; residues disrupt the natural landscape dense physical and human tissues: there where social relations and space are unusual, subtle or simply difficult to classify. The projects will familiarize the confused and vital character of these areas is not to deny it, but to try to make explicit and conscious.

In this sense Uneternalcity otherness arises in relation to its historical antecedent: if the drafts produced in 1978 for the exhibition Roma Stopped focused on the problem of the design of the historic city offering utopian visions of urban and elitist form of the city since the eighteenth century, Uneternalcity , from the same assumptions, proposes an entirely different interpretation, no longer tied to the fixity of the built city, but deeply interested in the transformation of the contemporary city and its relation to history and memory. What is happening to the Eternal City? Within this scenario, each study design was chosen area or theme to be addressed; project proposes no global or totalizing visions, rather contagious and invasive operations planning, which runs through streets still beating, which exploit and represent new spaces and urban fabrics. The picture that emerges is of a want of the future Rome, where the architects they offer new vantage points on the landscape, changing reality with its own idea and vision, often critical, sometimes haunting.

An international workshop about city.

Uneternalcity is the starting point for an open laboratory study on the city, capable of involving Italian and international architects and institutions in planning a route, which would set new targets and development tools; from the re-definition of the geographical boundaries Roma’s current and future, and invite each will pursue a hypothesis of strategic development, referring to multidisciplinary teams of project.

The idea is to work on the expanded boundaries of the city, imagining solutions for the recovery of the suburbs and the development of coherent systems, from design point of view and the economic and environmental sustainability. I have to think about issues such as integration of the consolidated city and urban spaces (be they infrastructure or large green wedges that penetrate from the periphery of Rome up to lap the historic town), new solutions for social housing, a new hypothesis redevelopment of margins dl Tiber and identification of possible new areas of territory to be exploited with suitable backbone trasporto.Roma must return to practice culture and to imagine himself not as a mechanism but still and lifeless as a body in motion constantly changing future oriented, able to generate ideas and exchanges with other cities to return to be, through architecture, the center of European and international debate.

 Centola&Associati (Salerno РRoma), Delogu Associati (Roma), Giammetta&Giammetta  (Roma),  Labics (Roma), n!studio (Roma), NemesiStudio (Roma), t-studio (Roma).


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